Taking a hiatus

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If you have arrived here by accident or you subscribe to my (not very often) newsletters, then hello again.  I am truly grateful and stoked you are here.

This is just a quick note to let you know that I am taking a hiatus from ‘Calm Amidst Chaos’.

Life has caused me to hit the PAUSE button and reassess everything I ever knew, believed or trusted in. Major backflip for me and a ton of lessons to be learned. Amazing this crazy, arse thing we call life isn’t it? We truly never know where we might find ourselves.

If you’re interested in following my journey, I’d love to share my stories from my heart to yours over at my new home ‘A Wyld Love Note’ where together we can jump in the puddles of life and play.

xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior ☮

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Last minute news!

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Okay, guys promise this is the last you will hear from me, this year anyway, regarding Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Big news just come to hand. Gabby is now offering a 6-pay plan and extra bonuses adding up to $3,500 plus my total bonuses of $1,350 when you sign up before midnight ET today. Just click on the image above to sign up. Apologies, but no other embedded links are working so far.


In addition to everything outlined in previous post you will also receive Gabby’s ‘Bust through your blocks’ 4-part workshop that is designed to break through barriers you may have around building an abundance in life and biz.

If you sign up before midnight ET tonight you will receive the following:

*Bust through blocks 4-part digital workshop
*8-module digital training program outlined in previous post
*2 LIVE training calls with Gabby (invaluable resource)
*3-module digital program Spirit Junkie Biz Basics setting you up with all the negotiating tools, contracts and much more…
*A 6-pay plan to make this easier and more assessable to you. How awesome is this last minute surprise?
*PLUS my offering of a 40 minute guided intuitive reading with a never before offered 20 minute follow-up call to clarity anything in the reading to the first (10) people to sign up by clicking the image below:

Okay, I think that’s enough from me, just wanted to remind you that time is almost upon us, and the awesome 6-pay plan and the added bonuses from Gabby and myself will all expire at midnight ET 9 October, 2015, so if you’ve been hearing the call then do not hesitate to click any of the pictures in this post to sign up.

With love, always
Samira x

Shine on <3

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Be a Spirit Junkie Masterclass Leader

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After travelling ridiculous miles across continents and different time zones, in noisy, cold aircrafts with crying children, agitated passengers who can’t sit still, lights on, lights off, almost strobing – dance off, anyone? Kicking of the back of my seat by irritated children, and flight attendants shoving a bright torch in my face to hand me some more inedible food = NO SLEEP for this little black duck. Hey, I’m not complaining, I mean, who expects to sleep on a plane anyway?

Upon finally arriving in my destination of New York at 1:30 am, I’m so wired I fail to sleep til 10am of which time I consequently crash. Next thing I know it’s noon. I glance around the room disorientated, and confused, check in with my body that does not want to wake or eat, so I fall back to sleep. I again wake at 6pm. What just happened? I mean, wtf, seriously, I manage on average 3-4 hours sleep on a good day, and already I’ve clocked up 8 hours.

By this time I decide I’ve lost the entire day, so I roll over, close my eyes, and don’t wake again til 1am. So, I’ve had 15 hours sleep! I may have gained a day in travel through weird time zones, but this time I’ve LOST an entire day for the elusive and ultimate dream, I call sleep, which is super awesome for me, but it also means getting this ‘TIME SENSITIVE’ news out to you much, much later than planned.

I would like to say that it doesn’t matter because I’ve finally slept and am here in NYC for a damn good reason. I’m on a mission, a mission that began here back in June this year. But It does matter, as what I’m about to share with you, I really, truly want to have given you more time. Time to peruse the offer. Time to soak in the goodness of my friend Gabby Bernstein ‘NY times’ best selling author spirit junkie Masterclass level 1 digital course. But as they say, there’s no time like the present.

I know I haven’t given you much time to THINK about this, as the cart closes midnight ET tonight 9th October, and for my Australian spirit junkies around 1:30pm Brisbane time and 2:30pm Sydney/Melbourne 10th October, but honestly if it’s something you have to think about on a HEAD level, then this course is possibly not for you.

From my experience, this course either calls to you and resonates on a level you can’t describe and you’re in boots and all, or it doesn’t, and if it’s the latter, that’s perfectly okay, too. Maybe it’s not your time yet?

Around May earlier this year, I had no intention of being in NYC let alone attending the spirit junkie Masterclass level 1 in person at the School of Visual Arts. I was supposed to be starting film school in August, but as life has it, the universe had other plans. Let’s just say a lot was going on in my life at this time, and some major personal issues were propelling me forward pushing me to re-evaluate my life, bringing my bucket list into full significance. Wtf was I doing with my life kinda moments, and within 24 hours of being on my knees praying for a miracle an email that would.change my life forever landed in my inbox. An email from Gabby, an invite to attend SMJ level 1 in NYC June, 2015. I gave it two seconds thought as my heart leaped with a resounding YES!

Money, logistical stuff like flights, accommodation, how, when, and the what if’s all came a resounding second or third place. I leapt out of bed with zing, replied straight away with a few questions – I had to be sure it was indeed right for me considering my travel, time and dollar investment were at stake.

Within a few short hours Gabby responded personally to my questions in an honest, open and heart felt way, telling me what my heart already knew. Once I stepped into my calling everything else took care of itself, and here I am a few months later back in NYC to attend SJM Level 2 at the Kripalu centre in Stockbridge, Mass.

So, if you’re ready to make miracles happen in your life, your biz and the world, then become a Spirit Junkie Masterclass leader!

For a limited time only I’m offering an incredible bonus to the first (10) people to enrol by clicking the picture above.
**Please note: I’ve been unable to embed links successfully into this post, so please click on the PICTURE above to sign up.**

When you sign up before midnight ET today, I’m offering a 40 minute guided intuitive reading designed exclusively for you, digitally recorded so you can listen at any time. In addition to this, I’m also offering a 20 minute follow up call to clarify any points or questions directly related to the reading for the first (10) people who sign up by clicking the picture above.
**Please note: I’ve been unable to embed links successfully into this post, so please click on the PICTURE above to sign up.**

Each reading and follow up call is worth $135 each, which is a total prize pool between (10) people of $1,350. All FREE when you sign up by clicking the picture above before midnight ET today.

And in addition to my bonus, when you sign up for the training before midnight ET, Gabby is offering an extra special bonus. It’s her brand new Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program! A 3-module digital program that will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance information and much more.
This special bonus is valued at a $397 but it’s free when you sign up by clicking the picture above for SJM Digital before midnight tonight 9/10/2015!

Here are just some of the exciting things Gabby has on offer from this 8-module Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital course:
*Step-by-step guidance on how to establish and grow your spiritual business, manifest media for your message and make money doing what you love.
*Learn how to turn your blog into a business, publish a life-changing book, lead a transformational talk and create digital courses and earn an income.
*When you receive your Level 1 certification you become eligible to attend the Level 2 course, where you can apply to become a Gabrielle Bernstein coach.
*Join 2 live Q&A calls with Gabby
*Have forever access to the program that you can take at your own pace and keep for a lifetime.
*Experience the energy and enthusiasm from the live training in the comfort of your own home.

Only a few hours to go, so if you feel called, just click the picture above to get started.

I truly believe in this course, and if you have read this far, but you are still not feeling it, then maybe check in next year. This course is a game changer, but only for those who are ready. My wish for you is to be a Spirit Junkie Masterclass leader because you know that’s who you are. If that’s you, then I’m psyched, and will help and support you in any way I can, just click the picture above and let’s get started.

Please email me through the contact form on this site and ask me anything about this offer, but be quick as it closes in just a few short hours. And if you know of someone who would be interested please forward or share this email.

In love and gratitude Samira x
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**I am a proud affiliate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass because I believe in the mission and passion behind the work. As an affiliate I may earn a referral if you sign up through my exclusive link by clicking the picture above. Do not hesitate to contact me further about this, if you have any queries**

**Please note: I’ve been unable to embed links successfully into this post, so please click on the PICTURE above to sign up.**

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